Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

All of our underground utility locating and concrete imaging surveys are performed with the SIR-3000 GPR control unit in conjunction with either the UtilityScan or StructureScan module. The SIR-3000, which is manufactured by Geophysical Survey Systems Inc., is the world’s most advanced data acquisition system and the industry’s number one choice for data accuracy and versatility. To learn more about GPR, please visit the ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology page.

Cable and Pipe Locator Cable and Pipe Locator

All of our underground utility locating and mapping surveys are performed with the RD4000 cable and pipe locator. The RD4000, which is manufactured by the Radiodetection Corp., is widely recognized as the industry standard because it maintains the highest locate performance, contains multiple locate modes and is relatively easy to use. To learn more about cable and pipe locating, please visit the the cable and pipe locator technology page.